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Before I left, between grabbing sleep, writing, completing reflections on where I go from here and beginning work on the capstone project, I sent a flurry of messages to the people I met in Morocco. My question: “What is most important to you right now personally and professionally?” I edited some responses for space, spelling, punctuation, and clarity. Here are their generous responses.

Khatib Mohammed, English Language Teacher 

1st: Getting a Phd
2nd: Getting married and establishing a family (for this is regarded as part of Moroccan identity and stability)
3rd. Working at a University, teaching English,of course (Content depends on what is available at the University: I adore Linguistics (especially pragmatics and CDA (critical discourse analysis; I love Educational Science, and I like Sociology and politics). The Phd I intend to carry on will deal with the subject on representation or Cultural Representation in Translation [and] how translation has let to the framing of identity how translation can function as a representational device.

Jihane Saddad, English Language Teacher
Personally, what is most important to me is to take care of my health and my kids. Professionally, I always try to acquire new knowledge and new skills to improve my teaching. I love my students so much that I want to find ways to encourage them be good citizens. All in all, no matter my weaknesses, and my past failures, I feel responsible and my goal is to be successful.


Boujemaa Al Mallam, English Language Teacher
What is most important to me right now is getting my MA degree. I also would like to work on some skills that may help me provide the best for the students I teach. Once teachers finish their training (lasts for 9 months maximum), they encounter several problems applying what they have learned in the training centre, especially that there a gap between theory and practice.
Fatima Zahra Ha, Student at Nevada High School (private school)
My studies actually. I want to travel all over the world 🌹 and create my own happiness. I want to meet lot of people with different cultures. And especially, I want to get used to live without my phone. Note: This post incorrectly stated that Fatima Zahra Ha’s school was Le Fontaine, but it is really Nevada High School. My apologies, Fatima!!!


Zaid Hmouri, English Language Teacher
Family is very important because they have provided me with love, care, and support (be it a moral support or a material support). With my family, I feel that I am stronger and safe. Also, with my family, I feel that I am myself and not fake. However, through family support one can survive tough and difficult times and bring joy into his/her life. Concerning professional development, I strongly believe that it is a necessary issue for all teachers. Personally speaking, the professional development I need most is related to the use of ICT inside the classroom (I still face some problems with this issue). I think that a teacher needs to keep up-to-date on new research on how learners learn and on how to integrate ICT in teaching.
Abdemounim Echcharika, Student at Le Fontaine (private school)
My education because I see that it is the only thing that can change me from a illiterate person to good one. Also, my parents because they do anything just for making me happy in my life. Sport is an important part of my life that I can’t live without.


Hicham Ait-ouaarab, English Language Teacher
Right now, the most important thing is family. I want to be able to satisfy my family needs and raise my children in good conditions. As for my professional life, I am looking forward to contributing to making English language a key to developing my students’ ability to build their skills and strengthen their self esteem.


Sanae Baqqass, Student at Abi Dar Alghifari H.S.
Sanae (right) with her brother.
Personally, my parents and professionally my dream job, which is to be an engineer.


Fatima Azzahra, Student-Teacher

I find it difficult at the beginning to manage the classroom. Classroom management techniques sometimes are hard to apply. I want to aspire first so then I can inspire my students. I am still learning and I won’t stop learning and achieving. Students believe what they see not what you say. So, if I will tell them to work hard and never stop learning, then I need to do the same, too. I need to achieve the maximum. I can’t settle down unless I’m satisfied. 🙂 And I noticed that students love that, too. Some students come to meet me after class to ask me about after graduation they asked me for advice concerning the use of computers and emails. The things that they saw in me, [I see him them].


ⴱⵉⵍⴰⵍ ⴰⵎⴷⵢⴰⵣ (Bilal Amedyaz’s name in Berber)
Bilal Amedyaz, English Language Teacher and newly-elected Secretary General of the International Center of Research and Studies of English Teachers
Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 9.18.31 PM.png
I’m a father. I would like to bring up my son in à good way. Professionally, I would like to get my master’s degree next year and enroll in PhD program, insha’Allah.


Aya Mekayssi, student Le Fontaine (private school)
I believe in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad. I am not racist, that is, I speak and sit and make friends with others, whatever their religion, even if it is different than my own. I have a dream to become a doctor in the future so I put all effort in my studies now and dream to visit all the world because I like exploration!


Yassir Hiba Haddad, Student at Le Fontaine (private school)
Right now the most important thing for me is the music. I just can’t live without it! I’m also into Korean culture. My favorite K-Pop band is BTS, which means Bullet-Proof Boys. Editor’s Note: She speaks Moroccan Arabic, Standard Arabic, French, flawless English, Mandarin, and Korean. Where did she learn the last three? All online from YouTube!
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