[link fixed] a lens: school life through my student’s eyes

This is video I showed to students yesterday at the Abu Dar Alghiffari School. One student said this is the best video ever (*pats self on the back and tosses hair*) and wanted to finish it. At 13 minutes, that wasn’t a possibility since my presentation could only be about 7 minutes long. But I hope you see that my students, our students, are pretty amazing critically thinking people who love life and are considering everything we and life put in front of them.

Thank you to all my students, whether you contributed to the playlist (coming soon), video, or just let me teach and learn from you every day. I could not include everything you all did, but did provide enough to let folks see a glimpse of who you all are.

*UPDATE* P.S. Crescent, all the girls LOVED your hair and when you danced they got excited and started to hit the folks, too. Walter, they loved your dogs and there was a sigh of relief from everyone when you arrived home safely from recording yourself on the bike ride home!

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